Considerations for designing a new wave generator system in an existing flume


  • DENNIS BELLETER Van Halteren Technologies Boxtel B.V., Netherlands



wave generator, laboratory experiments, laboratory wave flume


Van Halteren Technologies Boxtel B.V. (formerly known as Bosch Rexroth B.V.) has designed, manufactured, installed, and commissioned the new electrical driven wave generator system in the existing Large Wave Flume (GWK) at FZK in Hannover.

The aim of the replacement was designing a new wave generator system, with optimized performance in the given space in the existing flume, and replace the hydraulics for an electrically driven system.

The width and depth of the flume are five and seven meters respectively. The water depth is variable up to five meters. In order to get the most out of the finite length of the flume the space for the wave maker is limited. Given the limited space for the wave maker we had to apply a dry back wave generator system which has the advantage of a rather compact design compared to a wet back wave generator. This also introduced challenges such as a seal system around the moving wave segment at the side walls and floor as well as a compensator for compensating the static force of the variable water depth. The hydrodynamic forces are provided by the electrically driven system.

The wave generator has been provided with an Active Reflection Compensation system (ARC) for compensating the reflected waves traveling to the wave segment. This ARC must be capable to handle variable water depths, even when the water depth is changed in order to simulate high and low water conditions.




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