Wave Loads On Hydraulic Structures


  • ERMANO DE ALMEIDA Arcadis, The Netherlands
  • HENRY TUIN Arcadis, The Netherlands
  • KASPER STOETEN Arcadis, The Netherlands
  • BAS HOFLAND Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands




Confined wave impact, wave loads, physical model


Hydraulic structures are essential for flood protection, water management and navigation in coastal, delta and lake regions. Their importance will continue to grow in the coming years and decades, because of two main factors. Firstly, because of the consequences of climate change and sea level rise. Secondly, because of the continuous development and urbanization of coastal, delta and lake regions, with an increase in the value of the assets and activities in those locations combined with more strict safety requirements. Those factors will lead to the construction of a series of new hydraulic structures and the renovation of several existing structures around the world.

Wave loads acting on such hydraulic structures are crucial for their design and safety assessment. This study addresses two different types of wave loads acting on hydraulic structures: confined wave impact loads and bimodal wave loads. To this end, a series of laboratory experimental test campaigns were carried out in a wave flume.




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