Study of the effect of spur dikes on beach protection based on physical model experiment


  • FUYUAN CHEN Zhejiang institute of Hydraulics & Estuary
  • ZHIGUO HE Zhejiang University
  • HE KUN Zhejiang institute of Hydraulics & Estuary
  • WANG QIUSHUN Zhejiang institute of Hydraulics & Estuary



Spur Dike, Tidal Estuary, Physical Model


The Qiantang River is a typical strong tide estuary, the world-famous tidal bore have huge turbulent energy and causes damage to the sea wall. Spur dike is an important engineering to prevent the seawall foundation from tidal bore. But the tidal bore occurs at the low tide level, strong turbulence, high flow velocity, water level rises sharply. The spur dike height, length, inclination angle need to be determined by physical model according to the specific bore dynamic conditions. In the tests, the fixed-bed model was used to study the tidal current velocity reduction rate and region, the falling current circulation characteristics in dike field. The movable-bed model test is used to study the effect of each test on protecting the beach. This physical model study reveals the rule of spur dike influence on tidal bore dynamics so the effect of spur dike on protecting the beach is clear.




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