Small-Scale Experimental Evidence On The Use Of Date Palm Forest To Mitigate Tsunami In The Arabian Sea


  • N.A.K. NANDASENA United Arab Emirates University, United Arab Emirates



Because of the multi-scale benefits, ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction (Eco-DRR) has received much attention in coastal disaster mitigation.  Coastal forests are considered a sustainable and economical solution to mitigate inundations from tsunamis. Owing to the rare occurrence of tsunamis and reported local tsunami heights being small, the coastal forests are a potential solution to protect from tsunamis in the Arabian Sea. The potential of date palm trees to mitigate tsunami inundations was investigated in an experimental study.  The experiments were conducted at a geometric scale of 1:100 with the Froude-Cauchy similitudes. It found that the canopy of the tree played a key role in flow energy reduction. If the tsunami height was higher than the canopy height a significant tsunami depth was reduced behind the forest compared to the case that the tsunami height was lower than the canopy height. The highest percentage reduction in the maximum flow depth behind the forest was 37% for the forest length of 180 m and tsunami height of 7 m.




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