Satisfaction of passengers - process comparison between three different cruise ship classes




Cruise class comparison, Process comparison, Onboard environmental factors, Customer Satisfaction, Cruise experience


In cruise ship design, a ship designer often focuses on the ship’s function, while a cruise operator’s focus is on the creation of a comfortable and enjoyable cruise experience for passengers. Today, these two viewpoints are strongly connected, and thus, the way the inside of a ship is designed can impact how satisfied passengers are on their cruise journey. Thus, we need to figure out the best way to design a passenger ship from the perspective of the passengers themselves. In this paper, we analyse the differences in the combination passenger ship environmental elements and overall consumer satisfaction in two different cruise ship classes from the same ship operator, but from different eras. First, we present a theoretical framework and model for the cruise ship environment that consist of ambient, layout/design, social, product/service and onboard enjoyment factors. Then, by using data collected from the public domain, we compare two types of cruise ships using open-source data (N=755). This allows us to identify the factors contributing to the discrepancy in expectations across cruise guests. Based on this limited data, we create several linear regression models which indicates a favourable and statistically significant link between environmental elements and passengers' conduct while on board. Information processed this manner can be utilised to make informed decisions on cruise ship layout and amenities. In addition, the developed innovative KPI proved instrumental in influencing decision-making processes related to cruise ship designs and operations. Therefore, the findings from our research show a positive link between the onboard environment and the overall happiness of passengers.




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Akter, S., & Romanoff, J. (2024). Satisfaction of passengers - process comparison between three different cruise ship classes. International Marine Design Conference.

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