Early Marine Systems' Design – Cracking the wicked problem - The case of a novel biomass harvesting vessel 





Ship Concept Design, Vessels Design Solutions, Stakeholder Requirement Elucidation, Accelerated Business Development, Novel Stern Trawler Design


Several IMDC contributions have argued for a better approach to capture stakeholders' expectations in vessel newbuilding projects' execution. The appropriate processes of requirements elucidation are, however, often forgotten or insufficiently handled in traditional ship design and customer-designer settings. Such situations most often reveal a situation in which both "tamed" and "wicked" problems are addressed and must be dealt with properly and effectively at the earliest stage of the process. This paper shows how such problems can be addressed by using the existing multidisciplinary methodology. A practical approach consisting of a set of methods, tools, and work processes integrated into the Accelerated Business Development (ABD) approach is applied to a specific use case, a next-generation factory stern trawler development.

A detailed step-by-step story of the early vessel design process – requirements elucidation in parallel with concept design solution development – is outlined following a narrative approach. The process being described covers how necessary support information, stakeholders' expectations identification, business[1]related analyses, specific design layout, onboard comfort, and fish process handling and storage are dealt with effectively and efficiently. This case study exemplifies specific solutions to better handle particularly wicked problem situations, but also tamed problems are addressed systemically.

The paper concludes by showing how a final ship design solution can look like and consequently be prepared for and to be built. The handover process and documentation from requirements capture and concept design solution development to further basic design activities are highlighted. The case vessel at hand won the prestigious “ship-of-the-year” award in Norway in 2023. The paper critically discusses what are likely to be the most important factors leading to this outcome.




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Brett, P. O., Garcia Agis, J. J., & Lagemann, B. (2024). Early Marine Systems’ Design – Cracking the wicked problem - The case of a novel biomass harvesting vessel . International Marine Design Conference. https://doi.org/10.59490/imdc.2024.851

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