Conceptual design of shore station for an innovative waste collecting vessel




WCV autonomous, Station, Waste, Environment, Modular


Marine environment protection legislation in the EU requires ships to return waste they generate on voyages to waste-reception facilities in ports. In many harbors there is a need to expand the port infrastructure to enable the operation of Waste Collecting Vessels (WCVs). In addition, these vessels can perform new functions of cleaning port basins and adjacent waterways. A novelty in the presented research on the conceptual design of the shore station is the inclusion of new requirements for an autonomy and modularization of the vessel. The shore station was designed in the form of a floating pontoon, taking into account the various functional requirements addressed in the ship's conceptual design stage. The pontoon consists of modules corresponding to the ship segments moored in them. The conceptual design was intentionally defined in a generalized form to allow for further development and adaptation to local requirements at individual ports.




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Niklas, K., Pruszko, H., Reichel, M., Jaworska, J., & Marcinkiewicz, E. (2024). Conceptual design of shore station for an innovative waste collecting vessel. International Marine Design Conference.

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