A Service Blueprint Approach in Ship Building Activity Mapping





Shipbuilding Process Methodology, Human-Centricity, Activity Mapping, Service Blueprint


In the evolving landscape of shipbuilding, the confluence of innovative methodologies and advanced technologies is reshaping paradigms in ship design and production. The industry's quest for multidisciplinary methods that elaborate representing diverse ship building activities and boost efficiency in managing these activities has unveiled the potential of the service blueprint, a tool used in service design, which addresses design of activities and determining who does what activities when in collaboration with whom.
Our proposition centres on the structured activity mapping representation, a novel activity map that utilizes service blueprint with detailed description of activities with rich and structured representation of context. The framework offers a comprehensive perspective, illuminating intricate processes such as concept design, detailed design and production stages as well as service and operation stages. This mapping would ensure alignment of each activity with overarching project objectives, encapsulating values, interactions, collaborations. This paper illustrates the approach of service blueprint in representing ship building activities with discussion on improvement potential of current activity mapping through the service blueprint approach as being conducted in the SEUS EU Horizon project.




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Kim, Y. S., He, J., & Seppälä, L. (2024). A Service Blueprint Approach in Ship Building Activity Mapping. International Marine Design Conference. https://doi.org/10.59490/imdc.2024.827

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