Ship Design in the Era of Digital Transition

A State-of-the-Art Report




State-of-the-Art report, Ship Design Methodologies and Tools, Holistic Ship Design


The evolution of ship design from a manual toward a computer-aided, digital approach has been drastic after the 1970s, with the explosive development of computer hardware and software systems. In today’s era of smart digitalization in the frame of Industry 4.0, recently introduced digital/software tools and systems increase the efficiency and quality of the life-cycle ship design process, but also the operational complexity and the demand for proper training of users of software platforms. Parametric optimisation and simulation-driven design, product lifecycle management, digital twins and artificial intelligence are nowadays frequently used by the maritime industry during the commissioning/quality control activities and in the various phases of ship design, ship operation and ship production. This paper presents an overview of notable developments in the above areas and the way ahead to respond to present and future challenges of the maritime industry.




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Papanikolaou, A., Boulougouris, E., Erikstad, S.-O., Harries, S., & Kana, A. A. (2024). Ship Design in the Era of Digital Transition: A State-of-the-Art Report. International Marine Design Conference.

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