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da Costa, José Joaquim , ADAI | Department of Mechanical Engineering | University of Coimbra | Portugal
Dahl Knudsen, Michael , Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering | Aarhus University | Denmark
Dai, Xilei, School of Design | Shanghai Jiao Tong University | China
Dal, Ayşe Özlem , Graduate School of Engineering and Science | Özyeğin University | Turkey
Dal, Ayşe Özlem, Graduate School of Engineering and Science | Department of Architecture | Ozyegin University | Turkey
Dalla Mora, Tiziano, Department of Architectures and Arts | IUAV University of Venice | Italy
Daly, Patrick, Technological University Dublin
Damian, Radu Mircea, Technical University of CIvil Engineering | Faculty of Bulding Services
Danca, Paul, Department of Renewable Energy Sources | National Institute for R&D in Electric | Engineering ICPE-CA
Dassonville, Claire, Health and Comfort Department | Scientific and Technical Center for Building (CSTB) | France
Davila, Camila, Université de Liège
de Araujo Passos, Luigi, Faculty of Mechanical | Maritime and Materials Engineering | Delft University of Technology | the Netherlands
de Bont, Kevin , Kropman Installatietechniek B.V. | The Netherlands
De Brito, Leonardo Andrade, Department of Rural Engineering | Federal University of Santa Catarina | Brazil
De Carli , Michele, Department of Industrial Engineering | University of Padova | Italy
De Carli, Michele, Department of Industrial Engineering | University of Padua | Italy
de Kort, Yvonne, Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences | Eindhoven University of Technology | the Netherlands
de Laat, Maarten, Center for Change and Complexity in Learning | University of South Australia | Australia
de Moor, Hugo, Avans University of Applied Science | Research Group Smart Energy | the Netherlands
De Pauw, Margot, Thomas More Kempen | Kenniscentrum Energie | Belgium
de Vries, Gerdien, Delft University of Technology | Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
de Wit, Bram, Advanced Climate Systems | the Netherlands
del Carmen Guerrero Delgado, María, University of Seville
Delghust, Marc, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning | Ghent University
Delmonte, Branca Arthur , University of Luxembourg | Luxembourg

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