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Janneke Ghijsels, Ghent University | Belgium
Jelle Laverge, Ghent University | Belgium
Klaas De Jonge, FWO Flanders Research Foundation | Belgium

Álvarez Domínguez, Servando , University of Seville
Borrajo Bastero, Josué, Ghent University
Cerezo Narváez, Alberto, University of Cádiz
Dostál, Jiří, Czech Technical University in Prague
Gabaldón Moreno , Andrea, CARTIF Technology Centre
Hessel, Jana, Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB | Germany
Itard , Laure, Professor | Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment | Delft University of Technology | the Netherlands
Knorr, Martin, Technische Universität Dresden
Martinac, Ivo, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
W. Olesen, Bjarne, Technical University of Denmark


Abbà, Ilaria, TEBE-IEEM Research Group, Energy Department, Politecnico di Torino
Adamovský, Daniel, University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings | Czech Technical University in Prague
Adan, Olaf C.G. , Eindhoven University of Technology | TNO Materials Solutions | Cellcius BV | The Netherlands
Aganovic, Amar, Department of Automation and Process Engineering | UiT The Arctic University of Norway | Norway
Agirre, Aitor, Efficient Thermal Energy Systems | Energy, Climate and Urban Transition | TECNALIA | Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA) | Spain
Ahmadian, Ehsan, University of Antwerp
Ahmed , Mohammad Samir , PDEng trainee | Department of the Built Environment | Eindhoven University of Technology | the Netherlands
Akimoto, Mizuho , Department of Architecture | Waseda University | Japan
Akimoto, Mizuho , Waseda University
Akış, Tunahan, Ege University | Solar Energy Institute | Turkey
Akış, Tunahan, Ege University | Solar Energy Institute |İzmir |Turkey
Akro, Sylvia, Dipartimento ABC | Politecnico di Milano

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