Study on the efficiency of large shallow GSHP Systems

ELI-NP after one year operation


  • Razvan Silviu Stefana ELI-NP | Romania
  • Delia Tinca ELI-NP | Romania
  • Radu Mircea Damian Technical University of CIvil Engineering | Faculty of Bulding Services



Heat pumps, buildings, energy efficiency, shallow GSHP


This paper is an overview of the performances of the Shallow Ground Source Heat Pump HVAC system from ELI-NP after one year of operation. It approaches the system performances in terms of energy consumption, stability of the indoor comfort parameters and prospective of optimal control. The use of a research facility is different from a classic non- residential building. The large equipment and the large built area of the clean rooms, the high stability of the required comfort parameters imply a high consumption of energy for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The final goal is to achieve a viable model with replication potential for general use applications (air conditioning of non-residential objectives or district centralized air conditioning). Databases resulting from the continuous real-time monitoring of the system, during 2020, have been analyzed. Deviations of data from the reference values have been interpreted to find solutions for the long-term keeping of indoor microclimate parameters at the required values. The data analysis shows that the system covers the building load / the building energy needs at a high parameters stability. The Energy Intensity Use of the ELI-NP facility (436.13 kWh/ m2/yr) is less than half of the median EUI for Technology/Science laboratories in the US (1004 kWh/ m2/yr), as published on the platform Energy Star. The use of the shallow Ground Source Heat Pump HVAC system instead of a traditional fossil fuel one, comes with estimated savings of 60% in the cost of energy consumption of buildings. The next step to follow is a higher accuracy separation of the Ground Source Heat Pump HVAC system electricity consumption. Then an optimization strategy to supply the indoor comfort parameters at the lowest possible energy consumption follows.




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Stefana, R. S., Tinca, D., & Damian, R. M. (2022). Study on the efficiency of large shallow GSHP Systems: ELI-NP after one year operation. CLIMA 2022 Conference.

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