Development of an automatic sliding window system to control adequate ventilation rate


  • Akane Tsutsumi Department of Engineering | Graduate School of Science and Technology | Shinshu University | Japan
  • Sihwan Lee Graduate School of Environmental Studies | Nagoya University | Japan



Natural ventilation, Window, Ventilation measurement, Temperature


Under the influence of COVID-19, it is recommended to ventilate to reduce the risk of infection in the room. In an air-conditioned room, window open can increased the ventilation rate that caused by indoor and outdoor temperature difference. However, there is a concern that opening the window in the air-conditioned room will increase the heating and cooling loads due to air leakage. In addition, it is difficult to maintain the appropriate ventilation rate, because the outdoor air temperature changes from time to time. To solve this problem, we have developed an automatic window opening system to control the natural ventilation rate. This system can be controlling the appropriate ventilation rate for the room by adjusting the opening area of window automatically. In this study, actual measurements were conducted to understand the operating performance of the system, and its effect on the indoor thermal environment. The measurements were conducted in summer and winter season, and the results were compared between the developed window opening system and 95 mm width opened ordinary window. As a result, it was confirmed that the ventilation rate could be controlled by this system. In addition, in the case of the developed window opening system, the system controlled the ventilation rate when there was a large difference in indoor and outdoor temperatures, which prevented the deterioration of the indoor thermal environment and reduced the heating load compared to the ordinary window.




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Tsutsumi, A., & Lee, S. (2022). Development of an automatic sliding window system to control adequate ventilation rate. CLIMA 2022 Conference.

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