Monitoring a deep energy renovated building


  • Matthias Haase Institute of Facility Management | Zurich University of Applied Sciences | Switzerland



performance monitoring, electricity use and production, economic evaluation


A typical residential building from 1937 located near Wurzburg in Germany, was deep retrofitted in 2013. The energy use and costs could be drastically reduced compared to the old building. However, increase in energy costs can thread economic success. Therefore, it is important to monitor also the performance of the different technical systems. A measurement campaign of a real building with energy consumption and production (“prosumer model”) proves the concept of prosumer over time. The total energy costs were 387 € in 2018 and have increased to 839 € in 2021. This is an increase of 217%., changes in energy prices and tariff structures might influence the lifetime energy costs as well as the savings. Electricity use of the compact unit was measured, share of ventilation and heat (heating and DHW) was calculated based on standard models. Electricity use is illustrated and contrasted with electricity production from a 7.95 kW solar PV system.




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