From insight into energy transition maturity to powerful task-based cross-sectoral upskilling


  • Jan Cromwijk ISSO Rotterdam | the Netherlands
  • Carmen Poort ISSO Rotterdam | the Netherlands
  • Tomo Cerovšek Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering | University of Ljubljana | Slovenia
  • Andrea Moro iiSBE Turin | Italy
  • Martin Breen Technological University of the Shannon | Ireland



Technical Innovation Systems, skill development, skill-levels, recognition, lifelong, learning, micro-learning credentials, learning on the job


To make advancements in energy transition and creating a future proof built environment, professionals and workers who possess required skills are crucial. This paper proposes a model that can be flexibly adopted to reach an acceleration of upskilling opportunities and outcomes. The paper outlines the Technological Innovation Systems approach for delivering cross-sectoral knowledge and skill development agendas, as well as a method to develop and apply skills mappings and task-based qualifications. The combined approach is a stepping stone to enable digital support for learning on the job, learning transaction based recognition of successfully acquired knowledge and skills, as well as skills passports and micro-credentials. The approach has proven to be useful for sectors where technological innovations heavily influence ways of working, and it enables a common reference methodology in Europe. In order for the approach to be utilised optimally, key requirements should be taken into account, indicating that the taxonomy, toolkits and context of skills should be well aligned. The paper suggests future developments to address the transorganisational implementation of the approach, and the transitional management of skills gaps.




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Cromwijk , J. ., Poort , C. ., Cerovšek , T. ., Moro, A. ., & Breen, M. . (2022). From insight into energy transition maturity to powerful task-based cross-sectoral upskilling. CLIMA 2022 Conference.

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