Applying MTP-concept for the standardization of building automation and control systems


  • Michael Krüttgen (M. Eng.) TH Köln | University of Applied Sciences | Germany
  • Jochen Müller (Prof. Dr. rer. nat) TH Köln | University of Applied Sciences | Germany



Industry 4.0, NAMUR, Asset Administration Shell, Module Type Package (MTP), Asset-Monitoring, Production-related Building Automation


Energy requirements for buildings and their technical systems are becoming stricter and interfaces of technical systems more complex. Today's processes for monitoring applications are inefficient in planning, commissioning and operation due to the high effort involved. This is caused by lack of semantic specifications in existing standards. A basis for their economic implementation is not given. This paper proposes a lifecycle spanning standardization of production related technical building equipment systems. The standardization work is based on the information model of the I4.0 Asset Administration Shell including the application of an online repository. Unified properties are defined from aspects of engineering to operation for technical plants. As a result, monitoring applications are possible with little effort. By applying Module Type Package, an information model is available for manufacturer-neutral and service-oriented plant control. A prototype is used to illustrate the advantages and engineering by means of Module Type Package. Quality assurance as an aspect of the commissioning is supported by the development of digital twins. Finally, the effort in the lifecycle phases of engineering, commissioning and operation is reduced. The standards developed will be published in a NAMUR recommendation.




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Krüttgen (M. Eng.), M. ., & Müller (Prof. Dr. rer. nat) , J. . (2022). Applying MTP-concept for the standardization of building automation and control systems. CLIMA 2022 Conference.

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